" I aspire to elevate philosophical reflections in a manner akin to the profound impact of music and poetry. Text is the visual music, and a symphony is a harmonious ensemble, much like our endeavor to achieve a fulfilling life. By applying profound wisdom in our daily lives, understanding our experiences, and facing them with equanimity, we compose a harmonious melody for our existence. "

Peter, Tsao Ting-Chang

Music mind and artistic creation can help the visual presentation of rich sense of rhythm.

The characters are used as visual art symbols to express the rhythm of music in the picture, leading the audience to understand the ups and downs of normal life and the profound text connotation conveyed by the work. The artist hopes to convey the positive energy of stability through the expression of word art, which will encourage the transmission of words and fill every corner of society with positive energy.

The artworks are created using contemporary digital media, creating the artistic spirit of taking chinese character strokes as the main expression. Depending on the different environment and mood, the brushstrokes changed between the intensity of the brushstrokes, the proportion of lines, the cadence and the abstract concrete images. Combining various visual elements, the images present a play of light and shadow, real and virtual spaces, utilizing the golden ratio of 0.618 from western design aesthetics, showing innovative literary and artistic forms while symbolizing the ideal state of integration.


Sustainable Art, achieving the harmonious development of corporate ethics and wealth.

The artist explained, “The Thirty-six Characters Formula Symphony Series“ and  “One Character Formula: The Art of Behaving” series andcultivate the heart’ through Chinese calligraphy and the idea of ‘enhancing character education,’ is its core theme. The concept is relevant and fits with the philosophy of corporate sustainability. (SDGs – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) Art impacts the corporate conversation of ethics and social responsibility.”

Thank you to all collectors and galleries for your long-term care and support, including Mr. Chou Tien-tsai, CEO of Far Eastern Commercial Bank; Sugar House at Far Eastern Shopping Center; Respectful Art Center; Mr. Daniel, Manager of the Hong Kong Branch of Yuanta Bank; Dr. Rev. Derek Tu from the United States; Taiwan Creative Arts Development Foundation; Nan Tai Temple of Fo Guang Shan; and Taipei Peace Church.