“ 我想把帶點人生哲理的文字藝術提升到像音樂和詩歌那樣能夠深刻打動人的境界,如同躍然五線譜上的方針指引,引領我們走出不同面向的待人處世難題,透過理解和親自實踐,最終獲得豐碩的人生智慧。 ”

曹 庭 彰










藝術版的企業道德規範 – 企業家人格魅力篇


" I aspire to elevate philosophical reflections in a manner akin to the profound impact of music and poetry. Similar to the guiding principles leaping from the staves of a musical score, these words aim to steer us through the intricate challenges of interpersonal relationships. Through comprehension and personal application, one can ultimately harvest a rich tapestry of wisdom in the journey of life."

Tsao Ting-Chang

Listen to the calligraphic life motto: Tsao Ting-Chang “Thirty-six Characters Formula Symphony” written art creation

“Thirty-six Characters Formula Symphony” is composed of 36 selected representative characters after a month-long creation process from over one thousand characters initially written. They are as follows: modest, mediocre, frugalness, self, courtesy, integrity, ambition, time, diligent, real, concentration, caution, tough, small, sharp, create, complete, speech, tolerant, harmony, faith, help, respect, interaction, strong, strategy, recognition, silence, joy, rely, fools, endure, retreat, worldly-wise, crisis and pretend.

He designed the composition style of every character and created the artistic spirit of taking lines as the main expression. Depending on the different environment and mood, the brushstrokes changed between the intensity of the brushstrokes, the proportion of lines, the cadence and the abstract concrete images.

The characters are used as visual art symbols to express the rhythm of music in the picture, leading the audience to understand the ups and downs of normal life and the profound text connotation conveyed by the work.

The work is created in the form of modern and contemporary digital media, whose picture presents light and dark, virtual and real space with blank composition. Combining western aesthetics and eastern philosophy, it collides the art of Chinese characters and western posters, showing innovative literary and artistic forms while symbolizing the highest ideal state of integration.


Listen to the characters and understand the true meaning of life

“One Character Formula: The Art of Behaving” series of artworks, such as: Face life with a Smile, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, etc., can reflect and convey life attitude, the artist also hopes to convey the positive energy of stability through the expression of word art, which will encourage the transmission of words and fill every corner of society with positive energy.


Art version of business ethics – Entrepreneurial charisma

The artist explained, “The Thirty-six Characters Formula Symphony Series“ and  “One Character Formula: The Art of Behaving” series andcultivate the heart’ through Chinese calligraphy and the idea of ‘enhancing character education,’ is its core theme. The concept is relevant and fits with the philosophy of corporate sustainability. (SDGs – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) Art impacts the corporate conversation of ethics and social responsibility.”